2005 – The Smart Guide to Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Nicola Woolford, Paul Southcott, Roy Fenderson, Emma Birch

Changes to the Regulatory and legal environment have resulted in an increased focus on the importance of proficient management of dams. Operation and maintenance manuals are now a Regulatory requirement in Tasmania for all but very low hazard dams and are also required to ensure that dams are managed efficiently and safely. To meet these requirements Hydro Tasmania has developed the ‘Smart’ operations and maintenance manual.

Hydro Tasmania has a large portfolio of dams andas a result requires a large number of operations and maintenance manuals. This would result in an overwhelming array of information that is subject to evolving change if the traditional approach to the manual was adopted.

To overcome this burden, a controlled electronic manual was developed to enable:

  • Critical operation and maintenance information to be collated with minimal effort;
  • Electronic hyperlinks to key existing operation and maintenance documents, reference materials, and portals into operational data bases; and
  • A means of updating and controlling information that is subject to change.

This paper will discuss how Hydro Tasmania developed its user-friendly operation and maintenance manuals in an innovative, unique and controlled manner to ensure prudent management of dams and to comply with Regulatory change.

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