2004 – Wivenhoe Dam Flood Security Upgrade

SEQWater is the major supplier of bulk water to Local Governments and industry in South East Queensland. SEQWater owns Wivenhoe,  Somerset and North Pine Dams. Wivenhoe Dam ( Lake Wivenhoe) is located on the Brisbane River in Esk Shire. The storage provides both flood mitigation and water supply storage to Brisbane and Ipswich. The water supply storage capacity at full supply level is 1,160 GL. An additional 1,450 GL of storage above full supply level is used for flood mitigation. 

Changes to the estimation of extreme rainfall events has resulted in significant increases in the estimates of the PMF since the original design of Wivenhoe Dam. To upgrade the dam SEQWater formed an alliance with Leighton, Coffey, MWH and the NSW Department of Commerce Dam & Civil Section. 

A preferred upgrade option for Wivenhoe Dam has been selected, designed and construction started by the Wivenhoe Alliance. This paper presents details of the selected upgrade option.

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