2002 – Raising Lenthalls Dam – A Case Study In New Technology And The Environment

Tim Waldron, K D Murray and Allan Crichton

The City of Hervey Bay is a growing tourist community that is located a comfortable 3½ hour drive north of Brisbane. To meet the growing water demands of the community, Wide Bay Water Corporation required the raising of its sole water supply – Lenthalls Dam.

At the time of the option study, Queensland dam owners were aware of their obligation to manage their dams to minimise adverse environmental impacts but detailed Environmental Flow Objectives were still being developed.

This required a solution for the raising of Lenthalls Dam that provided maximum flexibility while, at the same time, being cost effective.

A range of solutions and new technologies were investigated. Using a Risk Management methodology, the Crest Gate system developed in South Africa was adopted.
Subsequently, draft Environmental Flow Objectives have been set and the use of a gated system has been beneficial in meeting post-winter flow objectives.

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