2001 – Coliban Water Dam Improvement Projects – The Decommissioning Option

Jenny Stewart, Murray Gillon

This paper describes decommissioning studies carried out as part of a dam safety improvement project by Coliban Water. The project results from a Portfolio Risk Assessment of 20 referable dams and the selection of 10 dams for safety improvements. Due to future water supply commitments and possible alternative supplies, eight of the reservoirs were subject to a decommissioning analysis as part of the dam safety options studied. The decommissioning studies included alternative uses, flora and fauna and other environmental issues, and European and aboriginal heritage studies.

As a result of the studies, five of the reservoirs will no longer be required for water supply. Two will be upgraded and handed over to others to manage as recreation sites and one will be decommissioned. Two are still being considered for either decommissioning or hand-over to others at a reduced capacity for habitat and heritage benefits.

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