1999 – Full Scale Testing of the 2400 Tonne Capacity Rock Anchor

Brian Cavill

Canning Dam is a mass concrete curved gravity structure 466m long and 70m high and is a primary peaking source for the Perth Metropolitan water supply system.

A safety review of Canning Dam concluded that the existing structure does not possess adequate margins of safety under static and dynamic loadings using contemporary dam engineering practices. Given the location and strategic importance of the Canning source, it is imperative that the dam be upgraded to comply with moder standards.

After investigation of alternative remedial measures to strengthen the dam, a permanent post- tensioned anchoring system was chosen.

Of the total of 165 permanent, monitorable and restressable ground anchors to be installed, 70 will consist of 91 x 15.2 mm strands. These are the highest capacity anchors to be installed anywhere in the world. A proving test for this size of anchor was carried out by VSL in September 1998. The results of the test confirmed that the use of 91 x 15.2 mm strand permanent anchors is feasible and that the corrosion protection is assured.

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