awarded in 2014

Bruce Cole

The ANCOLD Secretariat moved from the Snowy to the Hydro in 1967 and in 1970 Bruce was appointed Treasurer and Bulletin Editor for three years. Over the years he has contributed 6 articles for the ANCOLD Bulletin and one ICOLD paper on the repair of Scotts Peak Dam.

He attended the ICOLD Congress in Lausanne and the ICOLD Executive Meeting in Iguassu, Brazil. He helped to organise several ANCOLD conferences held in Tasmania.

Bruce was a member of the working group that produced the first Guideline on Design Floods for Dams in 1986, and he convened the working group on concrete faced rockfill dams which delivered the guideline in 1991.

In 1996 Tony Moulds invited Bruce, now retired, to assist in the Heritage Dams project, a combined Engineering Heritage and ANCOLD three-year project to identify those dams in Australia with highest heritage significance and get them listed on the Register of the National Estate. As well as the 25 nominations for listing, appropriate expert authors prepared historical overviews of the technical development of six different dam types.

While this valuable material was placed on the national heritage database, it was not actually published. Bruce persuaded ANCOLD to let him put the material into two books. He edited “Dam Technology in Australia 1850-1999” and wrote “Australia’s 500 Large Dams, Conserving water on a dry continent” which ANCOLD published in 2000 and 2003 respectively.