Sixense Oceania

Voting Representative : Chris Fagan

Sixense Oceania is part of the Sixense Group, who are global leaders in geotechnical, structural, and environmental instrumentation & monitoring.

Our advanced monitoring sensors and Monitoring Information Management System (MIMS), Beyond Monitoring™ platform help dam owners and operators to:

  • Comply with guidelines and regulatory requirements.
  • Upgrade existing monitoring systems for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Integrate and centralise monitoring data across multiple dams.
  • Reduce cost and improve efficiency via automation.
  • Provide an efficient work-flow for sensor data alarming and reporting.
  • Improve and systematise routine visual inspection campaigns.
  • Provide peace-of-mind with data quality and data availability.


With a team of technicians, engineers and specialists, we provide A-Z monitoring services, including detailed design, procurement, delivery, installation, maintenance, monitoring, reporting and decommissioning.

We are active in all states of Australia and New Zealand, with resources available for quick mobilisation to remote sites.