AFRY Australia Pty Ltd

Voting Representative : Matthias Goltz

AFRY Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of AFRY Group which is aimed to develop the Australian market, in the area of energy engineering and consulting.  Currently, the company has three departments: Hydro energy, Energy consulting and Bioindustry.  Each department has the goal to develop in their expertise areas and be business partners with companies in Australia.

AFRY provides design and design review services for hydro power plants, from concepts and feasibilities to tenders and detailed design, as well as site supervision.  This includes expertise from all fields of engineering e.g. geology, geotechnical, tunnelling, civil, hydrology, hydraulic, mechanical or electrical engineering backgrounds. AFRY also specialize in various legal, regulatory, institutional, financial, technical, social and environmental frameworks for design.  Our long experience encompasses a wide range of conventional hydropower plants, from the alpine type comprising long tunnels and hundreds of meters’ head, to low run-of-river schemes developing a few meters of head, both with weirs and dams. Clients can rely on AFRY expert services in large dam and reservoir design and on our extensive know-how in the design and implementation of reversible pumped storage power plants.

AFRY Management Consulting provides leading-edge consulting and advisory services covering the whole value chain in energy, forest and bio-based industries.  Energy practice is the leading provider of strategic, commercial, regulatory and policy advice to European energy markets. The energy team offers unparalleled expertise in the rapidly changing energy markets across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas.