Flood Event vs Day-to-Day Procedures – Seqwater Flood Operations Centre

On Thursday 17th Nov the QLD ANCOLD YP group held an event in the Seqwater Flood Operations Centre. There were 34 YPs in attendance which included employees from 3 owners, 7 consultants and 1 contractor organisation. Also pleasing to see, approximately 35% of attendees were female.

Attendees heard from David Pokarier (Seqwater Senior Hydrologist / Senior Flood Operations Engineer), Justine Scarff (Seqwater Communications Manager), Rachel Jensen (Sunwater Design Flood Manager) who stepped up last minute, and Chris Nielsen (DRDMW, Director Dam Safety). Topics included what each organisation’s procedures are during a flood event vs day-to-day; including systems, manuals, procedures and challenges.

The event was a great success with attendees finding the afternoon very interesting and informative. Thank you to presenters, attendees and the local YP organising committee for making this a memorable event.

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