1999 – Kinta RCC Dam – Are Over-Simplified Thermal – Structural Analyses Valid?

Allan J Crichton , Ikhlef Benzenati, Tony J Qiu and Jon T Williams

The Sg Kinta Dam is a 90 m high Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) gravity dam and is expected to be the first RCC dam in Malaysia when construction commences in 2000. The dam is part of the development of the Ipoh Water supply on mainland Malaysia. A thermal – structural analysis has been completed as part of detailed design using ANSYS finite element analysis software to assess the effect of the heat of hydration of the RCC on resulting structural stresses. The effect of using simple linear elastic material properties on the calculated stresses has been compared to more complex time variant material modulus and creep analyses. From these comparisons it is shown that the simple models overestimate initial stresses and underestimate or cannot predict the long term tensile stresses.

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